"Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom."
- George Washington Carver


Digamma Lambda Mu Inc. is a non-governmental organization dedicated to supporting the creative and self-development of individuals through community focus since its establishment in 2012. We improve lives by assisting immigrants, low-income families and youths through education, volunteer projects and mentoring, which in turn strengthen the community.



Find out about our organization, mission, our methods, and the results of our decades of advocacy.



  Civics and Citizenship Class, 2014

Civics and Citizenship Class, 2014


Education is an essential tool for driving and enhancing self and community development from generation to generation. It is a sustainable tool that improves self-knowledge, earning capabilities, healthy living and more. At Digamma Lambda Mu Inc., we provide communities with educational programs that promote both academic and social well-being for youth as well as adults.


  Computer Workshop, 2013

Computer Workshop, 2013

Community Development

Community development is an effective process, which works to strengthen and improve the lives of its community members by working to solve ongoing problems, such as poverty. At Digamma Lambda Mu Inc., we provide solutions to prevalent community problems with the help of volunteer community members and active contributing partners.


   Nevyl Entertainment : Lite The Mic, 2016

Nevyl Entertainment: Lite The Mic, 2016


Art is a powerful creative developmental tool that increases social engagement and participation of community members, thereby contributing considerably to the positive development of its communities. At Digamma Lambda Mu Inc., we organize a variety of art projects that enable community members to come together, engage, participate, and contribute to community development.