A Better Community Starts with You

The mission of Digamma Lambda Mu (DLM) is to empower immigrants, low-income families and disadvantaged youths by providing viable economic solutions and alternative education. Some of the alternative education options DLM provides includes x classes, x workshops and x mentorship programs.With tax deductible donations from people like you, we’re able to intensify our efforts and create change, faster.

How You’re Making an Impact with Local Non-Profit DonatioN

Change starts from within. As part of New York City's network of social services organizations, DLM feeds your local non-profit donations back into the community, strengthening and advancing the lives of millions.

Other Charities to Donate to Through Tax Deductible Donations

We’re in this together. When you make tax deductible donations to Digamma Lambda Mu (DLM), you’re also supporting allied organizations that help us remove educational obstacles, strengthen cultures and fight to diminish prejudice against minorities.

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