Digamma Lambda Mu Inc. is a non-governmental organization founded on March 29, 2012, whose goal is to provide individual self-development and community growth through community developmental activities.

Located in New York City, we create and organize community development projects that improve the lives of immigrants, low-income families, and at-risk youths of the New York metropolitan area.

With our sponsors, partners and over dedicated volunteers, we form a passionate team committed to improving lives, enabling individual growth, and strengthening the community.

Our Mission

To support the creative and self-development of individuals by focusing on community development.

Digamma Lambda Mu Inc. focuses on community development and provides positive self-development to members of the New York Metropolitan area, and brings about long-term community transformation through various community projects. Our focus includes education, community development and arts, which we offer to immigrants, low-income families, youths and individuals at large.

Our focus

We organize various projects, including:

ESL Class

Our ESL classes provide non-English speaking immigrants with high-quality, practical English Language lessons that enable them to communicate effectively, access opportunities for advancement and build lasting relationships with other English speakers. Our outstanding, self-managed volunteers have strategically taught immigrants in speaking, reading, and writing the English language fluently.

Civics and Citizenship Class

With the assistance of our partners and dedicated volunteers, we organize civic and citizenship classes to help legal permanent residents understand their rights and responsibilities in becoming a citizen. We encourage them to be a part of the government decision-making process through civic tutoring. In an effort to prepare immigrants for their interview, we provide study material and tutoring, as well as refer good immigration lawyers, in cases where extra help is needed.

Healthy Eating Workshop

Our comprehensive healthy eating workshop is designed by a volunteer nutritionist and health enthusiast, who educates community members on general healthy eating habits and the importance of cutting down fat, sugar, and salt in their diets. We also provide parents with healthy lunchbox ideas for children.

Computer Workshop

Led by computer experts, our computer workshop provides participants with fundamental IT skills, enabling them access to a wider range of educational opportunities, thereby increasing the computer literacy amongst communities.

Naturalization Workshop

Our naturalization workshop helps guide immigrants on how to apply for citizenship. With the guidance of a partnered BIA accredited representative, individuals build their case before applying for Naturalization through USCIS.