Digamma Lambda Mu Inc., is a non-governmental organization that offers communities education, art and opportunities that promote the quality of life of its members and help to create healthy environments where community members are capable of taking decisive actions and solving problems in an effort to strengthen their community.

We are dedicated to delivering sustainable developmental focus to communities in the New York Metropolitan Area.


Education is an important tool for driving and enhancing self and community development from generation to generation. It is a sustainable tool that helps improve self-knowledge, earning capabilities, healthy living, and more.

Digamma Lambda Mu Inc. provides communities with educational programs to promote both academic and social well-being of the youth and adults. Our educational projects include English as a Second Language (ESL) classes, healthy eating classes, and computer classes.

Community Development

Community development is an effective process which strengthens the community and improves the lives its members by collectively working together to solve ongoing problems. It involves community members and individuals at large coming together to generate solutions to a prevalent problem, thereby contributing to the development of the community by donating their money, skill and time.

Digamma Lambda Mu Inc. provides solutions to prevalent community problems with the help of dedicated volunteer members and active contributing partners. Our community development strategy is organized, inclusive and focused on creating opportunities and empowering community members.


Art is a powerful creative developmental tool that increases the social engagement and participation of its community members, thereby contributing to the positive development of the communities.

Digamma Lambda Mu Inc. organizes a variety of art projects that enable community members to come together to engage, participate, and contribute through the many facets of Art.