Civics and Citizenship Class

Becoming a United States Citizen is a goal for many individuals, as they pursue the American Dream. For many, it's one of the most difficult and tedious applications to complete, and receiving legal consultation is a pricey situation. Some paying upwards $4000 to validate the information that they are sending to USCIS. We provided a 25-week course supporting legal permanent residents' (LPRs) learning U.S. Civics, by further curating learning materials provided by USCIS, and with the guidance of  BIA accredited lawyer, Rhonda deJean, Esq.

LPRs who applied to this course had to go through a set of verification metrics to validate our course would best fit their case. Participants who were not eligible to apply at the time of the workshop were notified of when they should begin the application process. Those who were eligible, attended the 25-week course, also receiving aide in completing their N-400 Application. 

As individuals began to attend the classes they received two copies of the n400 application, copies of specified documents, and a checklist to review the pending items that needed to be reviewed during the next session. Our volunteer instructors covered a range of topics while validating participants understanding with different support assessments. Students with speech impediments were supported after class through 1-1 instruction session after class.

Through our naturalization workshop, we offered lowcost consultation to participants and non-participants with the support of BIA Accredited, Rhonda deJean, Esq. Students were able to identify necessary documents and have a final review of their N-400 Application allowing them to mail their application out and scheduled for an interview, beginning the case management process.

Healthy Eating Workshop

Our healthy eating workshop is a reminder of how everything you eat and drink matters. We would like to help you find your healthy eating style, and teach you how to maintain it throughout your lifetime. With the right ingredients, it can help you become healthier now and in the future.

The communities in which we serve, are very diverse and the goal of this workshop is to inform individuals on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  We taught the foundations: 
- how to read the nutritional fact labels, as its updated throughout time, and also show that eating healthy doesn't have to be expensive.  

We started with the focus on variety and nutrition. How choosing foods and beverages with less sodium, saturated fat, and added sugars are better than those with a higher quantity. As we become more in-depth with the workshop, we teach you how to start with small changes, which can build healthier eating styles, that you are looking to achieve not only for yourself but also for other family members that live with you. 

The next step was to show how to create a healthy eating budget for individuals who have government benefits/or not, by creating a grocery shopping plan. With that, we also explained the differences between organic and natural foods and provided quick cooking classes educating individuals on how to substitute their current ingredients with those that would create a healthier cultural dish.